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It’s no secret that the current housing market has certainly fallen on hard times. No one can deny that home values have gone down on a national level and you may be thinking this is a bad time to make your dream come true.

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At Homestead Homes, we have our own construction loan company so you don’t have to search for lenders that will approve you for a loan to build your own home. We have been financing our customers’ construction since 1997.

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Homestead Homes has been helping families to realize their dreams of new home ownership since 1995. We provide our customers with a road map to managing their building project. This allows you to save the cost of hiring a general contractor. You will enjoy the pride and participation of building your own home. You will receive customized building plans, building knowledge, an approved sub-contractors list, building materials, and a well-designed timeline to get you into your new home for less money than you would spend with a general contractor.

Homestead has helped 1400 families build their dreams since 1995.

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The Cechs designed their one of a kind custom home with Homestead!


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